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Since 2001, Culture Shock has enjoyed the experience of working with its customers. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and satisfaction.             African Clothes for Women     African Clothes for Men    African Clothes for Children   African Soaps & Personal Care   Authentic Customed Designed Pieces   African Jewelry

Culture Shock on Line’s African Clothes catalog consists of African Traditional, African Inspired, and African Authentic pieces for Men, Women and Children.  Although our inspired clothing is not authentic, they are of the finest fabrics and the highest quality.
Recently, we added the best of the best Authentic Custom Designed pieces.  These Custom Designed ensembles are made to order therefore taking up to 7-10 weeks to receive. So if you need your custom designed ensemble, be sure to order way ahead of time. We work personally with the custom designers so we can assure its quality and your satisfaction.
Our authentic African ensemble are provided from Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea and Senegal and includes but not limited to the following… a variety of African styled Clothing for Men, Women and Children, Dashiki tops, Gran BouBou’s, Mudcloth apparel, Kaftans, clothing accessories, authentic custom designed pieces and more.
Our Women’s African Clothes will show a variety of dresses, kaftans, skirt sets, pant sets, wraps and more.  Our African clothes for Men, and boys children’s clothing, will display a variety of pant sets and tops.
Sizes for our African Clothes for Men, Women and Children come in all sizes but mostly free size standard; which will range from small to 4X. (View each page for more details).
We also carry the best and the highest quality of Dressy Church Suits, Usher Suits for Women, Men Suits and soon to come suits for little boys. Our Suits and Dresses will range from low end to very high end and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We’ve shipped several Suits - Dresses over the past three years and have had a 0% return record. So we know you too will be 100% satisfied.
Here is more of what Culture Shock provides to their customers: Personal Care Products, African jewelry, fabulous artistry and art work along with a wide range of clothing accessories.
 Culture Shock on line wants you to enjoy your shopping experience and if you find you require “personal care” on any African Clothing item, we can be reached 24 hours a day by clicking the “contact us” button at the bottom of this page.
Culture Shock on line is pleased to offer all our African clothes ensembles to you at affordable prices.
Culture Shock on line wants to provide you with the same quality service, we provided to our faithful customers for the past 7 years.

While you're shopping, enjoy our fine collention of Church Attire for both Men & Women.

 Coming soon will be an extensive collection of children's suits...both African inspired and Traditional.

So come in and shop our collection of african clothing, jewelry, artwork, personal care, clothing accessories, and more.

Why not take advantage of the valuable resources we've compiled while you're browsing. There, you will find a comprehensive network of African American businesses, cultural events, attractions, and educational facilities.

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