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 A devout lover & believer of the Word of God!

Culture Shock, LLC is the realized dream of owner Stephanie Taylor.


Stephanie Taylor's desire to create a positive Cultural Experience for all, led to the grand opening of Culture Shock.  Her doors were opened in September 2001 and in December 2003, Culture Shock transitioned to Culture Shock On line.  


Stephanie Taylor has been married since May 1987 and has been blessed with two sons and a daughter.


Growing up as a child in St. Mary's County, Maryland, Stephanie Taylor watched her Mother struggle to raise a family of nine alone. The heartache and abuse her Mother endured by her employers was something that Stephanie Taylor understood and never forgot.  She was determined to have a better life.


Stephanie Taylor spent many years working for others but the dream of being her own boss never left her heart or mind. Her focus was always on a business that would be a perfect match with her bubbly personality and love of people.  Fervent prayer and faith led to the opening of that dream.


Although faced with some weighty obstacles while establishing her business, Stephanie Taylor’s business management skills enabled her to persevere. Her twenty years of finance and procurement experience have been an asset to propel her business forward. She handles her dilemmas like grains of salt due to her strong belief in Jesus Christ.  During difficult times, Stephanie Taylor draws inspiration from the scripture, "I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength". She never gives up.


Stephanie Taylor's strong will coupled with her fierce goal to satisfy her customers will make Culture Shock On line an enjoyable experience.


Stephanie Taylor has an exceptional talent, which enables her to interact with various people groups.  Her diversity skills are evident to anyone who has attended one of the numerous social events she has conducted. 


While Culture Shock on line is Stephanie Taylor's dream realized, she knows it will take hard work and dedication for continued success…  Jesus will see her through!


I can recall her once saying: "I have no fear of the unknown. I am running this ship based on faith alone! Good or bad, God has my back. He’s already gone before me to prepare the way, So why should I worry…why should I fear?”



(Short biography written by: Diamond Carter)


  About Us  

Culture Shock on line is a specialty boutique that caters to anyone interested in African items such as clothing, artwork, jewelry, and more.  Currently, we offer African Inspired Clothes, Women's African Clothes, Children's Clothing, African Clothes for Men and Church Attire... We also carry African Traditional ensembles. Recently we introduced our fine collection of women's suits, formal evening wear and church attire (such as usher suits).  We carry top quality designer suits like GMI-GROUP, MISTY LANE, ROMA, TALLY TAYLOR and BEN MARC, just to name a few. Within the next few months, we plan to upgrade to include men's and children's high fashions as well.  The request for these items were so overwhelming, we just had to satisfy. One of our major goals is to simply satisfy our customers.  We take what we do extremely seriously because we have to answer to God. Simply visit our "Home" page and click on Women's Suits. I'm sure you'll be more than satisfied with our selection.

As you continue to visit us, you will notice the numerous changes taking place.  As we grow, we will be offering incentive programs and larger DISCOUNTS.  We just want the BEST for you.

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions or concerns by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on our home page. Someone will be more than eager to assist you and your needs within 48 hours. 

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you soon.

May God continually bless you.

Stephanie Taylor, Founder



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