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  African Wedding Traditions
African Wedding Cultural Traditions and information.
  How To Put On A Headwrap
Head wraps are a fun, fashionable way to add instant flair your wardrobe.  Putting on a head wrap is relatively easy, and after a few tries you should be able to put one on quickly without much trouble!
  Dr. Woodson & African American History Month
Many people take time to reflect upon the achievements of African Americans throughout U.S. history, but not many people know how it all came to be.  The creation of Black History Month.
  Common Themes in African Art
When a person views African art, several themes seem to come up over and over again. These themes are representations of different things that are significant to African culture; and reveal the importance behind some of its most beautiful art.
  All about Kwanzaa
Discover a perfect way to celebrate the African heritage with Kwanzaa!
  The Meaning of Mudcloth
You will see this traditional African fabric as more than a beautiful hand painted work of art.



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