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This section shows an impressive collection of African Inspired Clothing. Most are "free sized", meaning one size will fit most. 

HELPFUL HINTSA smaller sized woman (such as size 4 to about 12) you may have to wrap/or pull the drawstrings a little tighter for a more secured fit...however, in most cases they will accomodate. 

For fuller or larger sized women, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.  They should fit you perfectly.  

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 NOTE: The model in the photo wears about a size 8. She is adorned in a "free sized" wrap skirt set.  It has been wrapped around her twice and then tied.  The oversized top completes the look of elegance.

Keep in mind, most free size clothing are NOT ment to fit snug.  They are known for their "loose" fit, that's what makes them so unique. (They will hang on each individual according to their height and body stature.)  The most common complaint, however, is that they (at times) are to long. To solve issues of this matter, simply pull the skirt/pant up higher than normal (usually under the breast area) and simply fold waist of skirt/pant down.  The tops are so long...that no one can really tell what's going on underneath. 

Be sure you stop in and view our Kaftans as well, you won't be disappointed.

Contact us directly at our toll free number or send us an inquiry if you have any questions.  Someone will be happy to assist you.  Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our fine collection of our women's fashions and your shopping experience.

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